Telehealth - For When You Can't Leave Home

Remember, the strict regulations surrounding regular use of certain types of pain medication still mandate a monthly appointment. There are no exceptions.

All medication management patients must have monthly visits. To comply with the Governor's mandate as well as to ensure your safety, some visits will be by Telehealth and some will be In-Person.

If you are in a coronavirus quarantine, your visit must be by Telehealth. If you have any coronavirus symptoms, your visit will also be through Telehealth.

We offer Telehealth through either SKYPE or FACETIME. If you do not have either, then you must come in-person to the office. If you are under quarantine, you must call the office to make other arrangements.

It is your obligation to know whether your appointment is a Telehealth Appointment or an In-person appointment. Your appointment will be classified as either a MED-FU for In-person visits or a TELEHEALTH for telehealth visits. If your appointment is not classified as the latter, you must come in to the office.

Similarly, if you have an In-person appointment, you will get one of our regular automated reminder calls 48 hours prior to your appointment. Telehealth appointments get a special reminder call 48 hours prior to the appointment. If you do not get a reminder, call the office at least 24 hours in advance, and we will let you know what kind of appointment you have.

Remember, under your Controlled Substance Agreement, it is your responsibility to know the type of appointment you have and the time of your appointment.

Getting Ready for Telehealth: Instructions for SKYPE

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