Records Request

Do you need a copy of your medical records for yourself, for a referral, or for legal purposes? Please examine the procedures below. Remember that we need anywhere from 10 to 14 processing days after receipt of payment.
For Yourself:

If you need a copy of records for yourself, you have two options.

1. Access the patient portal. There will be a summary of each of your visits there. There is no charge for you to download this information

2. Either call our office at (505) 247-9700 or visit us and request your records. There will be a fee.

Please allow 10 to 14 days processing time.

For a Referral:

If you need a copy of records for a referral. Please fill out the following HIPAA form and send it to our office to the attention o our record clerk. We will be happy to send a copy of your last three office visits to the physician.

HIPAA Release for Authorized Person or Medical Provider

We will send the records immediately; however, please be aware that sometimes faxes do not go through. Please check with your referral to make sure the office received the information.

For Legal Purposes:

If you need a copy of your records for legal purposes, please contact our office and ask for our Records Clerk. She will forward an invoice to the individual requesting the records.

We require a specific type of HIPAA form. Please use the form below or use one that contains the same waiver of all confidential information. Because we are a pain clinic, we require a complete waiver.

HIPAA Release Form For Legal Purposes