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Patient Portal

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At Pain Solutions, we are committed to providing excellent care and ensuring your experience with us is as convenient as possible. Our patient portal empowers you to easily access your health information, communicate with our team, access your health records, and more - all from the comfort of your device.

How To Use Your Patient Portal:

Step 2: Select "View Health Record" option.

Step 3: Login using either your credentials or your mobile number. If you use your mobile number, you will be sent a code to verify your device. If you are unable to login, an email will be sent to reset your password.

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You should now be able to view your dashboard:

- Use
"My Account" to access your patient information, statements, and to reset your password.

- Use
"Messages" to send a message to your provider or to view messages sent from our office.

- Use the
"Medical Records" tab to view appointment progress notes and current medications. Please note that you are not able to upload outside records, only to view appointment summaries from our office.

- Use the
"Appointments" tab to view upcoming appointments and past appointments. Please note that you are currently unable to schedule appointments through the portal.

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- Use the "Questionnaire" tab to fill out medical history. Any questionnaire submitted is only updated in your portal, it does not update account information in the office.

- Use the
"Trackers" tab to collect health information for personal records, but it does not update into patient's office account information. Please make sure to update our front office on any insurance or account changes.

- You can return to the
"Dashboard" at any time to view the homepage.

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